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Company Zerox is in Slovenia one of recognizable names in the field of assuring quality in electro installations and electro assembly in the industry. 7 years ago we also became active outside Slovenia, that is in the European union as well as in the United States of America. Motivated by our first successes we opened in 2014 in the USA company ZEROX USA LLC, and in April a branch office in Germany, ZEROX Zweigniederlassung Peitz , where we have an expert team which grows with our expanding business.

We carry out work in automotive industry, aviation industry, iron industry, food industry and electro assembly of high-rise pallet racking systems.

We are excelled by many years of experience and knowledge, besides this we always put on first place quality performance, respect to deadlines and adjustments according to customers’ needs. On our first encounter you will realise that we take our work serious, and that you and your satisfaction means the most to us. This is namely a reward for our effort and work which we invest in each project.

We place strong emphasis also on safety and health at work, the company has also obtained the SCC Certificate.

Our outstanding references say most about us
We are mostly proud when our customers spread the good word about us. We are proud of resounding references where we had the opportunity to show our knowledge and prove ourselves with our well trained and expert team. From the first step on, we are at your disposal with expert advice as we make an effort to find the best answer and solution to your question. We are at your disposal from the first step on because we truly listen to you, respect your wishes and advise you, so that you are pleased with the final result for many years on.



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Why choose Zerox?

  • Trustworthy company with a long tradition.
  • Highest quality of electro installation.
  • Expert service and consultancy.
  • Expert and qualified team.
  • Outstanding references.
  • Consistent adherence to all agreements and deadlines.
  • Cooperation with trustworthy partners.
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