Our References


Audi, EHB Umbau – Neckarsulm (D) 2010/2011 Germany
Daimler, EHB Fahrzeuge – Femat (H) 2011 Hungary
Daimler, Türen – Kecskemet (H) 2011 Hungary
Daimler Rohbau BR222-Z2, Sindelfingen 2011/2012 Germany
BMW Ablüftung- Werk BMW Dingolfing 2012 Germany
BMW Rohbau – Spartanburg, South Carolina 2012 USA
Audi, EHB Fahrzeuge – Femat 2012 Hungary
Umstellung 2k-CC P.07226 - Werk BMW Dingolfing 2012/2013 Germany
BMW Rohbau F33 Regensburg - Werk BMW Regensburg 2012/2013 Germany
Daimler BR205 Z1-1000 Linie - Werk Daimler Bremen 2012/2013 Germany
VWN Hannover nzm Plattenbänder BA7 2013 Germany
Daimler BR205 Z1-750 Linie - Werk Daimler Bremen 2013/2014 Germany
BMW Dingolfing IPP Umstieg WL4, Bayern 2013/2014 Germany
BMW Dingolfing IPP Umstieg WL3, Bayern 2014/2015 Germany
BMW Dingolfing IPP Umstieg WL2, Bayern 2015/2016 Germany
Magna Rohbau Graz G30 2016/2017 Austria
Magna Rohbau Albersdorf 2016/2017 Austria
Magna EHB Linie Halle 1 Graz Halle 2016/2017 Austria
Tesla Gigafactory, Sparks 2017/2018 USA
BMW, Spartanburg 2017/2018 USA
Mercedes-benz, Summerville 2017/2018 USA
Volvo, Charleston 2018 USA
Sebald Maschinenbau GmbH Werk3 - SIEMENS AG OESTERREICH 2017 Germany
BMW Regensburg - SIEMENS AG OESTERREICH 2017 Germany
Airbus Operations GmbH - SIEMENS AG OESTERREICH 2016 - 2017 Germany
MAGNA Heavy Stamping - SIEMENS AG OESTERREICH 2016 - 2017 Austria
Magna Fahrzeugtechnik - SIEMENS AG OESTERREICH 2016 - 2017 Austria
Magna Graz Halle 1 - SIEMENS AG OESTERREICH 2016 - 2017 Austria


Airbus A350, WingCover – Stade (D), Illescas € 2010/2011 Germany /Spain
Airbus A350, PreFAL – Nordenham, Hamburg 2010/2011 Germany
Airbus A350, Subcomponent Pilons – Stade (D), Illescas € 2011 Germany / Spain
Airbus A350 Stringer Preparation– Stade 2011 Germany
Airbus A350 XWB - Finishing -Hamburg 2012/2013  
Airbus A350 XWB - Finishing, Positioning - Nordenham 2014/2015 Germany
Airbus A350 XWB - Finishing, Positioning - Hamburg 2016/2017 Germany


Ralphs Distribution Center, Paramount, California 2009 USA
C & S Wholesale Grocers, York, Pennsylvania 2009 USA
Ralphs Distribution Center, Compton, California 2010 USA
Mercadona, Leon 2010 Spain
Zolern GmbH, Herbertingen 2010/2011 Deutschland
Migros Suhr, Aargau 2010/2011 Switzerland
McLane, Republic, Missouri 2011 USA
Target, Denton Texas 2012 USA
Target, West Jefferson, Ohio 2013 USA
Publix, Orlando, Florida 2013/2014 USA
Target, Rialto, California 2013/2014 USA
Rewe, Neu Isenburg, Hessen 2013/2014 Germany
Meijer Western, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin 2014 USA
McLane, Republic, Missouri 2014 USA
Netto, Erharting - Bayern, 2014/2015 Germany
Wallmart DC, Betlehem, Pennsylvania 2014/2015 USA
Spar, Wels 2014/2015 Austria
Mercadona, Barcelona 2015/2016 Spain
Leclerc scapnor, Paris 2016/2017 France
Leclerc Socara Lyon 2016/2017 France
Kroger, Forrest Park, Georgia 2015/2016 USA
McLane, Findley, Ohio 2015/2016 USA
Meijer, Lansing, Michigan 2016/2017 USA
Sobeys Vaughan, Ontario 2015/2016 Canada
Sobeys Calgary, Alberta 2016/2017 Canada
Kärcher GmbH, Schwaikheim 2017/2018 Germany
Blue Kingfisher Warehouse, Fort Wayne 2017/2018 USA
Man Truck & Bus Ag, Salzgitter 2017 Germany
Triumph, Wiener Neustadt 2017/2018 Austria
TKL Lebensmittel Logistik GmbH, Wien 2017/2018 Austria
Syncreon–Autostore System, Carlisle 2018 USA
TTI, Inc. Europe, Maisach 2018 Germany
Winkler Austria GmbH, Himberg 2018 Austria
MEDLINE, Rialto 2018 USA


Kontiglühe 2 - voestalpine - Linz, 2012/2013 Austria
Beta 2013 - voestalpine - Linz 2013 Austria
Beta 2014 - voestalpine - Linz 2014 Austria


428 kWp, Hessen 2009 Deutschland
320 kWp, Baden-Württemberg 2010 Deutschland
240 kWp, Baden-Württemberg 2010 Deutschland
300 kWp, Baden-Württemberg 2010 Deutschland
12 kWp, Alius Lendava 2011 Slovenia
40 kWp, Alius Radkovec 2012 Slovenia


LKH Klagenfurt Hospital 2010 Austria
Köln Merheim Hospital 2011 Germany
Renovation of the IGS School Halle 2013 Germany
Jursinci Kindergarden, Jursinci 2008 Slovenia
Power distribution station, Ptuj 2009 Slovenia
Sela Primary School, Ptuj 2009 Slovenia
Spuhlja multipurpose hall, Ptuj 2009 Slovenia
Gorišnica apartment building 2010 Slovenia
Podlesek Kindergarden, Ptuj 2012 Slovenia
Commercial and Manufacturing Facility Boxmark , Kidričevo 2012/2013 Slovenia
Dornava multipurpose hall 2014 Slovenia
Alius Commercial Building, Maribor 2009 Slovenia
Alius Commercial Building, Maribor 2012 Slovenia
Alius Commercial Building, Maribor 2014 Slovenia
Termo-tehnika Commercial and Manufacturing Facility, Braslovče 2014 Slovenia
Fire station Apače 2012/2013 Slovenia
Commercial and Manufacturing Facility Rondelice-Talum, Kidričevo 2013 Slovenia
Pharmacy Nova vas, Maribor (renovation) 2014 Slovenia
Pharmacy Alkaloid, Ljubljana (renovation) 2014 Slovenia
Parking area Boxmark , Kidričevo 2015 Slovenia
Commercial and Manufacturing Facility Boxmark , Kidričevo 2015/2016 Slovenia
Pharmacy Kranj (renovation) 2016 Slovenia
Pharmacy Tezno, Maribor (renovation) 2016 Slovenia
Pharmacy Nova vas, Maribor (renovation) 2016 Slovenia
Commercial and Manufacturing Facility Boxmark , Kidričevo 2016 Slovenia
Commercial and Manufacturing Facility Boxmark , Kidričevo 2016 Slovenia
Commercial Building NKBM, Maribor (renovation) 2016 Slovenia
Commercial and residential building Ketiš, Ptuj 2016/2017 Slovenia
Pharmacy Ruše (renovation) 2017 Slovenia
Business production facility, Bopfingen 2018 Germany
Wied GmbH & Co., Crailsheim 2018 Germany
Individual residential buildings (over 100) since 2001 Slovenia


Heat pumps for heating and cooling (water/water systems, ground/water systems, air/water systems) (over 300 facilities) since 2008 Slovenia
Split system AC (over 500) since 2008 Slovenia
Water and sewage systems (over 200 facilities) since 2008 Slovenia
Ventilation with heat recovery (over 150 facilities) since 2008 Slovenia
Underfloor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling (over 200 facilities) since 2008 Slovenia
Central vacuum systems (over 50 facilities) since 2008 Slovenia


Maintenance and servicing of facilities since 2001 Slovenia
Measuring the adequacy of electrical installations since 2003 Slovenia

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